Engaged Roosevelt Island

to promote environmental understanding

and boost sustainable practices

An Engaged Opportunity Grant from Cornell University's Office of Engagement Initiatives was awarded to Cornell Tech for a year of planning and learning with the community. The goal of this grant is to promote environmental understanding and boost sustainable practices on Roosevelt Island.

Presentation with Climate Week NYC by Climate Group

How a Small Grant Can Make a Big Difference:

Six SDG Transformations and Drawdown Solutions

Watch Engaged RI's Climate Week NYC 2020 presentation highlighting key takeaways from a year of Roosevelt Island community building, engagement, education, and action steps all geared toward providing the public with sustainable options and access to resources that support everyday choices. Guided by the Six SDG Transformations and Drawdown thinking, we learned about the ripple effects of human connection and a focus on solutions.

Tips & Ideas from Our Community to Yours. 2:44

Hear from a variety of Roosevelt Island community members, young and young at heart, as they share inspiring stories of what they learned and how that knowledge began to change behaviors and help them understand how to live a healthier life; both kind to the earth and each other. We hope you will take away ideas that can be implemented in any neighborhood and gain an understanding of how a small community can mobilize sustainability efforts with a small grant using principles of leave no one behind & circularity and solutions thinking.

Full Video Recording 45:45

A very special thanks to Cornell University’s Office of Engagement Initiatives for its funding support, our Engaged RI organizers, the guest speakers, the residents of Roosevelt Island who provided testimonials, and the production team who made this Climate Week 2020 event possible: Bil Leon of Cornell Tech, Christina Delfico of iDig2Learn and Ana Cañas, Program Specialist with Cornell Cooperative Extension NYC.

Introduction: Living on Roosevelt Island 1:14

Throughout this year Engaged Roosevelt Island hosted nine engagement events with 30 to 100 guests participating in each event to foster collaboration among residents, community groups, schools, building managers, island businesses, RIOC, RIRA and elected officials as we move together toward a cleaner and healthier neighborhood.