to promote environmental understanding and boost sustainable practices


Roosevelt Island

The Roosevelt Island Green Map: Phase 1 details recycling spots for: e-waste, food scrap drop-off, textiles, used batteries, safe medical disposal.


Could Roosevelt Island become a New York State Climate Smart Community? What other New York State programs protect our environment?

More climate action resources

Click here to find ECOS Community Calls Recording from July 8th presenting the paper linked to the right.

Powers of 10 to the People on Medium by Mark McCaffrey

This essay above and the paper below speak about the importance of work in communities of 10,000-100,000 and elaborate on "Going glocal: finding the sweet spot where global and local converge.

Powers of 10: seeking 'sweet spots' for rapid climate and sustainability actions between individual and global scales

Avit K Bhowmik1,5,7, Mark S McCaffrey2,7, Abigail M Ruskey3, Chad Frischmann4 and Owen Gaffney5,6Published 18 August 2020 • © 2020 The Author(s). Published by IOP Publishing Ltd

Forbes August 17, 2020 Georg Kell Contributor Leadership Strategy

Click here to read a fellow Roosevelt Islander's article about how COVID 19 has brought major shifts that may provide an "opportunity to recover stronger if we are capable of learning from the pandemic and if we have the courage to envision a future that aligns our creative capacities towards building a safer, healthier, less divisive and cleaner future."